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Winding down.

2011-06-26 16:20:09 by shyguydude1

Woo. Had an AWESOME time at the Beach. I built a sand...creature while my sister had to out do me and built some amazing thing i don't even know. But we're back home now and we're going to be winding down and getting ready for school early. oh and also and the Beach had an Epic water fight with her to. She beats me in Sand building while i beat her in water fights. although i had a bit to much over kill according to her and my dad. I call it over fun though. but you can never have to much fun ;)


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2011-06-26 17:07:24

of course you can't
just ask hitler or santa


2011-06-26 17:25:20

Santa knows when your sleeping, he knows when your awake, he knows when you've been bad or good. and he knows where you live.

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